Reading After Europe …


Year: 2017


Dr. Ognyan Minchev


Reading After Europe ENG.pdf

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Security in the Black Sea Region


Year: 2010


Dr. Ognyan Minchev


Security in the Black Sea Region.pdf


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Between Two Eras


Year: 2008


Dr. Ognyan Minchev


Между две епохи.pdf

Between Two Eras.pdf

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The Case of Turkey in the EU


Year: 2006


Dr. Ognyan Minchev


The Case of Turkey in the EU_eng.pdf

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Казусът Турция в ЕС


Year: 2006


Д-р Огнян Минчев


The Case of Turkey in the EU_Part 1_bg.pdf

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Major Interests and Strategies for the Black Sea Region


Year: 2006


Framework Analytical Review Dr. Ognyan Minchev


Black Sea Framework Analytical Review.pdf

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Transatlantic Strategy for Black Sea Stabilization and Integration (BSSI Strategy)


Year: 2004


Dr. Ognyan Minchev, Marin Lessenski, Plamen Ralchev


Black Sea Strategy.pdf

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